MortEq Lending Corp: June 1st Share Offering

  • May 3, 2016

MortEq Lending Corp (MLC) has generated a Q1 return of 7.59% and Q2 return of 7.66% to date. Management anticipates Q3 will continue to follow this positive trend. The June 1st share offering is quickly approaching so we are reminding investors should they wish to invest further for the upcoming quarter.

MLC continues to focus on the Metro Vancouver & Fraser Valley real estate markets; many of the municipalities within these regions are evidencing record monthly sales figures. This increased activity has been positive for MLC, whether it be the increasing number of 1st mortgage opportunities, the quick turnover of mortgages on the portfolio, or the reduced loan-to-value opportunities available. These factors are beneficial for both returns and management’s ability to mitigate risk within the portfolio.

The team at MLC is passionate about real estate, so please contact us if you want to discuss your existing investment, the real estate market, or even how much your neighbor down the street just sold their house for.



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Please call us if you would like to get your investment in for the June 1st share offering.  Please note the next share offering will be open for September 1, 2016.

On behalf of our team, thank you for your continued support.