MortEq Lending Corp: Q2 – 2016 (February 29, 2016) Results

  • April 5, 2016

MortEq Lending Corp (MLC) generated a quarterly return of 7.66% (annualized) for Q2 – 2016 (Q1 – 2016: 7.59%).

As those living in the Lower Mainland know, our real estate market continues to be strong and everyone seems to have an opinion – whether it’s “the market is going to keep going up” or “the bubble is about to burst.” Both these opinions and everything in between seems to be all the buzz in coffee shops and at the office water cooler.

Whatever your opinion, everyone can agree that the market we are witnessing has been truly historic.  Despite the surge in the local real estate market, MLC remains steadfast in our lending approach, which is to to lend against quality real estate, in desirable areas, at conservative loan/value levels, while providing a secure and stable return for our investors.

Lending and real estate is our passion, so please contact us to should you have any questions about your investment in MLC or the real estate market in general.

Here is a updated snapshot of our performance:


Next Share Offering: June 1, 2016

Quick Tip: 2016 TFSA Maximum Investment Amount:  $46,500

  1. The starting age for contributions is 18.
  2. There’s no age limit to contributing to TFSAs; you can continue to invest even after the age of 71, the limit for RRSPs.
  3. Investors can contribute a maximum of $5,500 per year in 2016.
  4. If you have not contributed in the past, or did not meet maximum contributions in any given year, you can catch up on unused contributions.
  5. You can withdraw money at any time without penalty or tax consequences.

Please call us for further details.

On behalf of our team, thank you for your continued support.